If you haven’t done an outdoor movie before, it can be a little intimidating. Here are the answers to the questions we get asked most.

Nobody wants to watch a movie in the rain, but unfortunately we can’t control the weather (yet)! The choice is completely up to you in deciding to cancel or reschedule an event due to inclement weather. There is no penalty for cancelling an event due to rain as long as we are notified prior to setting up at your location. All backyard systems come with a cover so the equipment will be protected and larger systems are staffed so that we will handle protecting our equipment for those events. We recommend cancelling or rescheduling any time the forecast shows a 60% or greater chance of rain.

To ensure the best possible picture quality, we recommend waiting until at least 15 minutes after the published sunset time to begin playing your movie. While you are welcome to use the screen earlier, the picture will be very dim until it is dark outside. The sound system can be used for playing music from a phone or CD while you’re waiting for darkness.

When you make a reservation online, you can select the delivery time and pickup time for your event. You are guaranteed up to three hours of use beginning 30 minutes after sunset. This will provide ample time for any movie or even two 90 minute films if you so desire. If you require longer usage than three hours, please let us know ahead of time (an additional fee may apply). All systems will be picked up no later than midnight on the day of reservation.

Yes! Everything you need for an outdoor movie in included in all of our packages. Each package includes a screen, high-definition projection, sound system and Blu-ray player. Setup and delivery is also included in the Nashville area. The only things you need to supply is the Blu-ray/DVD discs you wish to watch and regular household electric power within 100′ of the screen location.

It depends on the type of event you are doing. For most private/backyard events held on private property which are not open to the public, you are allowed to show anything you have legally purchased or rented. For public events, you are required to get a “public performance license” from the company representing the studio that owns the copyright on the film. A public performance license typically will cost several hundred dollars depending on the film and the audience type. Swank Motion Pictures and Criterion Pictures USA represent the major studios and can help you get the license you need to legally show the film.

Yes! However we do not supply any equipment other than a regular Blu-ray player. Cable boxes, satellite boxes or laptops can be connected if they have an HDMI output and are within 50′ of the screen location. Please specify if you are planning to use other devices with the screen when you order so that we can ensure the correct cabling is included when your system is delivered.

Free delivery is included within Nashville and a very reasonable delivery rate applies areas outside of Nashville. We will calculate the charge based on the delivery address when you make your reservation. Here are the approximate delivery costs to several surrounding cities: Franklin/Smyrna $10, Spring Hill/Murfreesboro $25. While Middle Tennessee is our main service area, Melrose Movies has provided outdoor movie services in surrounding states such as Georgia, Kentucky and North Carolina.

Yes! The 12′ and 17′ packages are free-standing and can be setup for indoor or outdoor use. We are partnered with another rental house in Nashville and can provide larger indoor screens as well. Contact us for a quote and for exact dimensions so we can ensure they will fit in the space you are using.

You should reserve your system as soon as you have a date finalized. Weekend dates (Friday/Saturday) are the most popular and are sometimes sold out several weeks in advance—particularly in the months of June and September when the weather is best and sundown isn’t too late. Our website has a live availability calendar so you can see at any time if the screen you want is available.

We are not currently running any online discounts, but occasionally previous customers will be mailed discount coupons good toward most outdoor movie packages. If you receive one and don’t plan on using it, please share it with a friend or neighbor.